The Cheese Mod

Published by Zinkenite on Wed, 09/04/2019 - 02:16
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Its The Cheese Mod!!

In this mod there is cheese. But not just regular cheese! There is cheese mice, cheese people, cheese pizzas, and so much more cheese. If your looking for a mod with cheese, a dimension, mobs, and a boss then you came to the right place. I recommend using Just Enough Items mod or any other mod that allows you to see recipes.

How to Get in the Dimension!

To go into the cheese dimension you will need to find natural spawning cheese blocks. If you mine them you will get 9 slices of cheese. Warning, if you eat the cheese you might levitate a little because of the cheeses strength. If you put 9 in a crafting table you will get a cheese block. You will need about 14 of these blocks to make the portal. After you've done that you will need to craft a cheese lighter. To craft it you will need 4 string, 4 cheese gems, and 1 diamond. To get the cheese gems you need to mine a bit and find cheese ore. After you made the lighter just light the portal and have fun playing in the cheese dimension!!

How to fight the Cheese Boss!

To fight the cheese boss you will need 2 cheese blocks(read the beginning of How to Get in the Dimension to know how to get cheese blocks) and 1 cheese cow summoner head. To get the cheese cow summoner head you will need 4 leather, 4 cheese blocks and one cheese lighter(to make that check the how to get in the dimension section). To summon it you will need to stack the 2 cheese blocks on top of each other and add the summoner head on top then the Cheese Cow of Doom will spawn!! Before you do that I recommend getting some cheese armor or better to fight him because it is quite challenging!

How to Make Pizza!

To make pizza you will need to first get pizza dough. To get the dough you will need a dough plant. First you will need to hit a whole bunch of grass to get dough seeds. After you get dough seeds you will need to hoe some dirt next to water. Place the dough seeds on the dirt then wait till they grow(Don't worry its not that long). You will know its done growing when there are lots of big yellow balls on the plant. If its done break the plant to get some dough balls and some more dough seeds. You can plant more if you want. When you have 3 dough balls you will need three slices of cheese. When you have that put the 3 dough balls in a line then put three slices of cheese in a line on top. You will get an uncooked pizza. I don't recommend eating it because you might get more hungry. To cook it put it in a furnace and wait. When its done enjoy your pizza!!

Modification files
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Nice mod and mod page. Just one thing though. Please improve your mod picture. Make sure its color base is not white as this is not allowed in our Terms of use as it does not fit with the website design. Thanks!

One suggestion would be to replace a white background with one of the screenshots and put the logo over it.