Forth Generations Mod

Published by XDSS on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 06:54
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This Mod Adds More Biomes and Dimensions And Tools.

Some Items Are Glitched Or Not Working If You Encounter Any Bugs Please Report The Bugs 🕷



Dimension 1: Orents

More Dimensions Will Be Added Soon!



Biome 1: Copper Valley

Biome 2: Souls Forest

More Biomes Will Be Added Soon!


How To Install To Minecraft:

✅ 1 Download Forge

✅ 2 Download the Mod

✅ 3 Locate Your Downloads

✅ 4 Locate Your Mods Folder

✅ 5 Drag & Drop The Mod In The Mods Folder

✅ 6 Have Fun :D


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Forth Generations.jar - Forth Generations 1.12.2 Download194.5 KB

There Will Be More Updates On This Mod So Stay With Us And Report Some Bugs And Also Give Some Mod Ideas To Let Us Know What Type Of Mods You Guys Want And Also Check My Channel Out

Nice :)
Please can you add screenshots of your mod though?
Also a little more detail in the description would be nice :)