Minecraft:Cybertron Edition

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This mod about infinite strength materials and infinite space. You can find a new biom, go into space and craft bedrock armor and tools! It is a demo version, then there will be more.

WARNING! If you place premilllyenium block, your world will be crashed.

If you find a bug, please inform me.

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In development
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are teh textures wanted ? In the pictures it looks like a merge of tons of random flashy colors blocks, it hurts my eyes and I don't understandd what is what.You could maybe make less flashy colors and/or use less colors in a same place. (like a blue themed world or a black and purple world since that's the main colors of the thumbnail)

Nice :)
Please could you explain what it adds in a little more detail though?

It seems a good mod, but you could add more images