(Deprecated already) Example wooden fences

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This was supposed to be a tutorial mod for wooden fences, but it seems like 1.9.1 will add an option for easy custom fences. Not sure how to feel about this mod becoming useless in 2 hours.
List of features:

  1. Generic red planks, crafted with 4 planks + 1 beetroot
  2. Generic red fence, same recipe as other wooden fences
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In development
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Modification files
Example Fence.jar - The tutorial mod as a jar file22.69 KB
example_fence_workspace.zip - The tutorial mod workspace14.02 KB

Why I don't has got textures of red wooden fence (block)?

Nice tutorial :D
All that matters is that you put thought into it and tried to help people! That on it's onw makes it great :)