Ruby Mod

Published by Fraxite on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 09:32
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My first mod! If there's already a mod like this, then i'm sorry. it just popped up in my head. This mods adds ruby-themed tools and armor! stronger than diamond! I hope you like the mod.

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In development
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Update 9/15/2019:

Increased armor defense.

Update 9/16/2019:

Decreased maximum number of ores found.

Ore now drops experience points.

Nice :)
At least you spent effort on the textures, rather than just using the mcreator template editor.
I'd just recommend not making ruby mods. The community kinda hates them.

Yeah, these kind of mods are flooding the forums... because it's quick to do, and globally a "Hello World" mod for MCreator. I would recommend you to take a look at some big mods of the website (I think it's the perfect moment to insert some advertising for myself, go check out my Mineral Galore!), and try making something like that ^^

or maybe you could create a Ruby mod, but only with a JDK compiler and a text editor, just like real great modders! It's a quick but cool challenge too.