My Hero Academia (IN PROGRESS)

Published by Red Rage on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 18:17
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This mod was based off of Kohei Horikoshi's manga/anime series My Hero Academia. In this mod you can find a regular hero high school that randomly spawns in the world.  If you find it, make sure to grab your student ID on the right of the front school doors, otherwise you will be denied access (you'll die). Inside the building you will find one white block standing alone. That is a quirk dispenser. It will randomly give you the following (the list is in order from most common to most rare):

  • Zero Gravity- gives you Levitation for 5 secs (you can spam it though)
  • Electrification-strikes lighting around you. 
  • Explode-explodes at the location of your cursor. Be sure not to blow yourself up!!
  •  One for All-works in level stages. You will take damage from it and if you use it enough it can level up.
  • Simple Jump Boost- gives you leaping boost.
  • Invisibility

The high school also has gear that you can use to enhance your quirks. This includes the Grenadier bracers, Air Force Gloves, and SharpShooting gear. However, be sure to grab the one that corresponds to your quirk, it won't be very fun if you don't...(oh yeah, and you right click to activate your quirks). As a bonus I added Full Gauntlet, it won't work unless you have One for All level 3 in your inventory.

                                                                                                      [COMING SOON!!!]

  • Creation
  • One for All (All Might)
  • Decay
  • Half-Hot Half-Cold
  • All for One (comes with Air cannon and Warp Gate)
  • Bloodcurdle
  • Villain Outpost (structure)
  • craftable quirks
Modification files

Version 0.2 (version 0.1 was removed): Fixed high school (used to spawn 100,000) Added 2 new quirks Jump Boost and Invisibility.

if you add miriro's permeation quirk tell me how you did it since I am also working on it