Drill Mod

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The drill is a mining tool that mines blocks extremely quick, And has 6,500 uses. 

Supports Minecraft Forge 1.12.2

Items included -


Drill Bit

Miners Crate (As of 0.02 Stage)


For any questions, comments, and concerns, Please contact me at noahsemon@gmail.com


Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
002.jar - The mod ready to use for Forge KB
002_editable_workspace.zip - If you want to edit the mod I made you may download this. Please ask if you want to upload the edited mod.16.29 KB

0.01 9/18/19 - This mod WILL be improved. Only in alpha stages for tests. Other versions will be coming out for older & newer versions also.

9/18/19 Developing note - Miners stone will be removed. Trying to figure out how I cant make it dungeon loot. And the recipe will be changed to become easier.

0.02 9/18/19 - Miners crate will replace the miners stone, The drill bit has a darker texture, And the drill also has a new recipe. 

9/19/19 - I am extremly sorry. I did not export the mod as a .jar. I exported it as a Mc Creator workspace. The .jar file to use will be available. 

5/3/2020 - This mod is no longer in development.