Drill Mod (Alpha Stages)

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The drill is a mining tool that mines blocks extremely quick, And has 6,500 uses. Enjoy my mod! This will update almost every day or few days until in Beta. 

Supports Minecraft Forge 1.12.2

Items included -


Drill Bit

Miners Crate (As of 0.02 Stage)


For any questions, comments, and concerns, Please contact me at noahsemon@gmail.com


Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

0.01 9/18/19 - This mod WILL be improved. Only in alpha stages for tests. Other versions will be coming out for older & newer versions also.

9/18/19 Developing note - Miners stone will be removed. Trying to figure out how I cant make it dungeon loot. And the recipe will be changed to become easier.

0.02 9/18/19 - Miners crate will replace the miners stone, The drill bit has a darker texture, And the drill also has a new recipe. 

9/19/19 I am extremly sorry. I did not export the mod as a .jar. I exported it as a Mc Creator workspace. The .jar file to use will be available.