World Of Colour Mod (Read Changelog)

Published by CurtbroGYT on Sun, 09/22/2019 - 17:33
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This mod adds additional colours to the existing items like stone and wood! Black wood? We have it! Red stone? (Not redstone) We have it! Almost anything that only has 1 colour now has up to sixteen!

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WOC 1.3.2.jar203.31 KB

Version closed for a bit

This is not getting updated until after Christmas because I will be getting a new computer and It would just be easier to make a new file and carry on from there, MCreator deleted all of my progress on this mod so i guess I will see you soon!

almost anything ? even items :D (nice mod bro)

Nice mod :)
It'd be nice if you could say exactly what blocks/items it has currently though.