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Welcome to Mc Expansion!

(!) This project is still in alpha so a lot of content expected will not be available (!)


What's In a name as simple as that? Well, Quite a bit. At least what's planned.

- Ruby

- Ruby Set (Armor)

- Ruby Sword, Axe, Pickaxe

- Ruby Block

- Ruby Pillars

- Emerald Set (Armor)

- Emerald Sword!

- Crafting recipe to command blocks (For End Game Sets) 

(Although have fun getting 7 5 tiers of electric blocks)

- Electric ore

- Electric Block 1 2 3 4 5 6

- A whole new dimension

(Well, A dimension.)

- A Biome

- Wither Pickaxe

And Loads more to come!

- Underwater creepers (Heheh ha)

- Nether Areas (too lazy to mine obsidian? do the chore of finding this structure Instead )


Note: You need at least a wither pickaxe to mine electric ore (note the ore, the blocks don't require wither pick)

To craft wither pickaxe, it's 1 wither skeleton skull, 2 coal, and 2 sticks.

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