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Published by tonimo112 on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 19:29
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Update 1.2:

This update brings:
Salt (Ore, Crystal)
Seasoned Meats (Raw meats get 1 more hunger point, while cooked meats get 2 more hunger points)
Slime Armour (Still a WIP)
Steel tools & armour (So far theres just a multitool, but in the future I will add more steel tools)
Ice armour is now complete with all the effects (Drains durability in warm biomes, gains durability in cold biomes. Grants player fire resistance)

Update 1.1:

This new update doesn't bring much but I thought I'd throw it on since there isn't much in the mod yet.
The new things are:
Ice ore (drops ice shards, used to craft ice armour which still hasn't got new effects)
Bronze tools
Changed some textures
Altered ore spawning so its not that overwhelming when exploring caves

This mod adds a variety of new ores, which will liven up the caves.

The ores you will find in this mod are:
Lead (Can only be used to craft plate armour)
Silver (Same as iron but lower durability)
Copper (Tools with more durability than stone but same quality)
Tin (Doesn't have a use besides making bronze)
Salt (Used to make meats better)
Ice (Used to craft a really powerful armour. Is very rare)

There is also Bronze and Steel but they aren't ores, they will be craftable.

Bronze = combine copper + tin in crafting table (Bronze has the same durability as iron but is better).
Steel = smelt iron (Steel is better than iron)

Things to come in the future:
Ruby (and other gems)
Better furnaces
Most items and armours retextured with themes (for example, bronze would look like spartan armour)
different stone variants (for example, marble)
Bone items
Different colour slimes
Smeltery (to replace crafting for bronze & steel, and also used to refine different colour slimes)
Crafting book
New weapons such as spears, warhammers, waraxes, and new shield variants

Note that this mod is not fully completed and I will be updating it every now and then. Also feel free to comment your recommendations and ideas, plus some criticism so I can improve the experience in the mines. Also please tell me any issues you encounter with the mod.

Thanks any enjoy.

Project status
In development
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Sorry for the lack of updates, right now me and my friend are still working on new features. We hope to roll out a new update tomorrow.

Nice mod :)
You could try adding some more unique uses to the materials to make it a bit more original

Yeah, so far me and my friend are still adding new features, and my main goal is to add new stations. Something like a smeltery to replace the crafting recipes for bronze and steel, and something similar to a blast furnace. Plus were working on some other features related to equipment. But I guess you're right, we haven't gotten much diverse uses for the materials besides the same tool set and armour. We will see, and feel free to recommend features you'd like to see.