{Bio-Mesa} The Unfinished Series (PART 2)

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I never finished these mods, and I never will. I am scouring through my workspaces to find some more.
Emerald Dimension. Enter this dimension and you will become richer than the richest villager ever to live!
Stone Dimension: This biome doesn't seem very exciting. The only thing different is that it has stone water? Oh! I get it, it's always night, so you can battle mobs without having to wait for night!
Hot Biome: Zombie Horses spawn in this biome, the trees are made of lava, and the ground is made of red sandstone. Take me home, mommy!
Cold Biome: Skeleton Horses spawn in this biome, the trees are made of ice, and the floor is snow, with stone underneath. Anyone have a jacket?

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Submitted by Goldorion on Sat, 10/05/2019 - 01:40

Nice biomes ideas, but you should develop them.

Um, where a part 1? It's strange... Part 2 without Part 1