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This Mod Is Not Fully Done, This Mod Is For Skyblock or just for fun anyway you want to use it, it is at your tips, Also Fun For Survival, Every Block Has A Crafting Recipe and/or a World Generation,TransefCraftV2 added lodes of New Things Such as Items For 3D Models And New Redstone Blocks Such As The Directional Block That Shoots Out Arrow Blocks For No Paticular Reason, And Ore Bricks For Easier Beacon Statioins, If You Want To Play On Peaceful There Are Now Webbed Stone For String And Follicle For Bones, Known Bugs: The Chicken Model Is Currently Broken So the Mob:Duck Has Spining Wings, Plus A New Biome Adding A Boss And 2 Mobs,There are currently no sounds for the mobs of ceor but next update it will be fixed. That's It For Now But Working On It Every Day [Also Will Be Changing The Bed Texture Next Update]

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Nice mod :)
A bit more detail on what the mod adds in the description would be nice though.

Nice mod, but you should try making the description a bit cleaner (divide it in paragraphs)