More Diamonds Mod

Published by AjdaM on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 12:47
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In this mod you can get diamonds MUCH easily! Don't worry, this mod also contains new items, tools and mobs, biomes, and dimensions! Be careful with The Glitcher!

Heres most of the things in the mod: Endermeat [food], Speedaxe [tool], Domt [''Flower''], Friendo [ Mob, need new name] The Plain Boss [Mob, need new name], StunGun [bow] 

Bootiful [Diamond biome], Ore block dimension [Need name for it] and much more! Make sure to write your suggestions! I'll try to make EVERYTHING you want!

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Please improve your mod picture. Make sure it's is your own work that represents your mod and that it follows our publishing guidelines.

Nice :)
Please could you improve your mod description though?
Say a bit more about what it adds.