Kabuto's extra stuff mod

Published by Kabuto on Fri, 10/11/2019 - 00:17
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This mod pretty much so far just adds a bunch more cobblestone. And cobblestone tools. Hooray.

This mod adds new blocks, such as:

Barbwire; a plant, but it can be grown on most of the walls and blocks I've added, and deals 15 damage when walked into!

the blocks:

Camoflauged cobblestone; like mossy cobblestone, but with better stats!

camoflauged cobblestone walls; same thing as the regular except in wall form!

packed cobblestone; the original but darker and stronger! and it can spawn naturally replacing regular cobblestone or mossy cobblestone.

blast resistant cobblestone; really tough cobblestone, made out of packed cobblestone.

hardened cobblestone; iron reinforced cobblestone!

hardened cobblestone walls; hardened cobblestone except thinner!


 that's it for the blocks.


for items, I've so far added:

packed cobblestone axes

packed cobblestone swords

packed cobblestone armor (boots, chestplate etc.)


and recipes for all of them!

for every bit of material you waste on not as good as diamond armor, you get two pieces! (packed cobblestone armor)


and so far, this is all the mod does.

All the items and textures were made by me, so I don't need to post the maker, but be warned; I do not own Microsoft nor the rights to Minecraft!


Added more barbed wire for 1.1, check the change log!

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In version 1.1, I added a few varieties of barbed wire;

red hot barbed wire; does a little more damage, burns you, and gives off a little light

poisonous barbed wire; does a little more damage, and poisons you.

wither barbed wire; is the strongest, and does a little more damage than the others, while giving off a wither effect when touched. (crafts 7 at a time due to needed materials)

Submitted by Kabuto on Fri, 10/11/2019 - 00:27

WOweE SuCh A gReAt MoD!

Really cool ! maybe making different levels of Barbwire, like poisoneous and things like that ;)

Nice mod :)
Please could you add some Minecraft screenshots though? :)