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Forite Is An All Rounder Mod Adding Tons Of Different Types Of Mods, Such As Tech, Armour, Tools, And Things That Minecraft Should Just Generally Have.

This Mod Is Still Very Much In Beta And Loads More Things Are Planned To Be Added!

Please Use A Mod Such As JEI For Crafting Recipes Until Such Time As I Add A Manual, My Custom Crafting Blocks Recipes Have A Wiki For The Time Being:

Gear Recipes:

This Will Be Updated With Each New Update To The Mod!

Please Give Me Tons Of Feedback So I Can Improve The Mod!!!


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Lead developer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Forite 0.1.12.jar - Forite 0.1.12 Big Feature Update!820.95 KB
Forite 0.1.7.jar - Forite 0.1.7 Added Lapiz Lamps + Wiki Manual608.66 KB
Forite 0.1.0.jar - Forite 0.1.0 Base Version425.63 KB

Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.12: Added 3 New Biomes /w With Tress, All Wood Types And All Dirt Types + Added A New Dimension + Nether Ores


Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.7: Added A Lapiz Lamp + Wiki Manual


Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.6: Added Functions To The Fusion Table + GUI Texture Changes.


Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.4: Added Gear Recipes To The Squezzer.


Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.3: Updated Recipes + Texture Updates To Be More Original, Ore Blocks Are Still Changing But Have A Place Holder For Time Being.


Uploaded Version Beta 0.1.0: Base Version.

The ore textures and there corresponding components to them are based of thermal expansion but there not exactly the same, theres little tweaks here and there but all textures are getting all redone once the foundation of the mod is in place.

Love the ideas of it, and love the models of the benchs ! But is there only one armor/set of tool ?

Looks great, and the models are cool :)
I'd recommend making all your textures the same quality, rather than having some good and some bad.
If the good textures are from other mods, then please replace them with your own.

Don't use textures from other mods/games, and don't hand replicate them either, trust me, you will regret it. Besides, making your own textures is very self fulfilling.

I did not create the textures myself, my friend does and he said he based them of thermal expansion so im sorry if there the same or not but i am creating brand new textures...1