Exploracraft [WorkInProgress]

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Need Mods: CORE Mod [https://mcreator.net/modification/52404/core-mod]
Discord: Nobody cant join into in, now

Here no download link on mod, sorry
Much of new content what you will can see in mod.

Coming features, it was in future:
1) Added 70+ dimensions.
- Lets explore!
2) Much of Mobs
- Deathly...
3) Bosses (for every *secret information*)
- =)
4) Classes
- Many types of passages.
5) Miner's World return.
- Much of the ores. New ores.
6) Death Mode

- Death mode complicates the game. It will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the hardcore game mode.
- Death Mode has got some exclusive content.
|Finished on 009% |

Project members
Texture designer
Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
3D Models.zip - 3D Texture Pack [if be you want, download]28.74 KB

Exploracraft update History.
+ Added
- Deleted
~ - Fixed
!! - Fixed Crash

Beta 1.0 (Part 1):
(sorry, still dont ready to full beta release and changelog)

Nice logo :D
It would be cool if you wrote in the description something about the most interesting features

and some information, im dont use your tutorial for classes because i made class system in terraria, player can choose any class. For example from multi-class (for example Archer+Mage class from Terraria) to Summoner (Terraria)