Super Mario Craft

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This is in alpha (version 1) right now, the reason I'm making this mod is the only 2 Super Mario in Minecraft mod are pretty bad. I'm not posting crafting recipes yet so just use Just Enough Items I added ground blocks from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World, and added a Super Mushroom that heals 4 hearts and a 1-Up Mushroom which fully heals you.

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Version 1: Added Super Mario Bros ground and Super Mario World Ground, Super Mushrooms and 1-Ups Mushrooms.

Version 2 Not Released: Updated Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World ground textures, Fixed Mushrooms healing 8 hearts instead of 4, Put 1-Up Mushrooms into correct creative tab. More to be added

Nice :)
Please can you replace your placeholder with a screenshot though?

Submitted by CNKGames on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 21:46

Instresing idea can you show some ingame screenshots of some of the stuff?