Ore Extraction

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This is an Ore Extraction mod for 1.12.2 (It is my first mod so don't be too harsh with criticism but please do tell how I could improve the mod!)


-6 Oxides (Cobalt, Emerald, Diamond, Coal, Iron and Gold)

-8 Tools (Cobalt and Emerald)

-2 Armor Sets (Cobalt and Emerald)

-2 Blocks (Oxygen Inserter and Cobalt Ore)

-1 Gem (Cobalt)


This mod is not in any way complete and will be edited to have more ores and materials too! Please put suggestions for different materials in the Trello Board!


Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/GSQnjsA7/ore-extraction-mod

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Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Alpha 1.0

-Oxygen Inserter

-Iron Oxide

-Coal Oxide

-Gold Oxide

-Diamond Oxide

-Emerald Oxide

-Emerald Tools

-Emerald Armor

-Gas Flask

-Oxygen Flask

Alpha 1.1

-Cobalt Ore


-Cobalt Oxide

-Cobalt Tools

-Cobalt Armor

-Fixed Emerald Pickaxe Name

Ok, first, I'll not be rude because that's your first mod, you need to make your description a bit more explicit, like "blocks :..." "items:... they can do..." and so on ;) but good mod ! Continue like that :D