Youtuber Mod

Published by ONYX6227 on Mon, 10/28/2019 - 03:39
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A mod just made for a youtuber. It includes things a youtuber uses and has in their every day life! I will always be working on this and adding more and more stuff into the mod. 

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Modification files
Youtuber Mod Main Update - Youtuber Mod Main Update V161.08 KB
Youtuber Mod Bug Update - Youtuber Mod Bug Update V267.66 KB
Youtuber Mod Major Update - Youtuber Mod Major Update V396.5 KB

10/28/19 Testing Bugs and issues.

11/2/19 Added new items and fixed bugs

11/3/19 MAJOR UPDATE! New blocks, and Youtube portal addition!

Nice :)
I'd recommend you put a little more detail into your textures though :)