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This is my first mod upload. And I decided to have everything in the mod blue.

This mod has

  • 2 New dimensions
  • 3 New Armor sets
  • 2 New sets of tools
  • 1 Bow
  • 2 Portals
  • 3 New Ores
  • Lots of New Mobs
  • 1 New Flower
  • 1 New Mushroom

I am always open to suggestions

Important Info

  • The first portal is made out of aetherium blocks, and the second is pure aetherium blocks
  • There are 4 mobs that aren't hostile to the player
  • Aetherium weapons and tools are made with diamond tools in the center
  • Pure Aetherium weapons and tools are made with normal aetherium in the center
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In development
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Submitted by CNKGames on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 21:51

Can you please add some screenshots please

Nice mod, there still some problems like the omnipotent blue color... but still a cool mod !

Nice mod :)
A little more variation in the colours of your textures could improve them a lot btw :)

Wow Coller Mod. Can you develop the mod also for version 1.7.10 for a certain fee?
Maybe you are the one who can help me. They would really make a 20-year-old happy if they could