Popcorn Mod

Published by LAKottke on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 18:53
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(This is a solo project) Welcome to the blocky stage of minecraft, the big movie favorite, POPCORN! This new mod features 3 different types of popcorn, a reusable popcorn bucket, candy corn, a new corn crop and corn, Popcorn doggo edition, Popcorn gifts, (Allows you to give ores inside popcorn!) and more with a total of 50 mod elements. This is my first ever mod, i hope you enjoy! Discussion forum topic: https://mcreator.net/forum/54495/popcorn-mod-discussion-area

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v0.1: Added enchanted popcorn

Submitted by CNKGames on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 19:53

Hey Nice mod can you add some screenshots and can you add Enchated Popcorn

Reality can be whatever I want, even a popcorn store... this is cool !!! Could you make a salted/sugared pop-corn ?

Nice mod :)
I'd recommend replacing your white background on the main image with a different colour, as white backgrounds on the main mod image is not allowed ;)

Please improve your mod picture. Make sure its color base is not white as this is not allowed in our Terms of use as it does not fit with the website design. Thanks!