RS's Quality Of Life Mod

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This mod adds new tools and consumables to the game. All of the stuff are added from real life. I made this mod to play with my private server and think of what happens if ı publish it to the other people. Then ı started thinking of new stuff to add. And ı added 14 new drinks to the mod and started publishing. And this mod will have a lot of new features in the future and ı do not stop adding things until ı cannot fınd anything to add. 

This mod is mostly Turkish due to its first aim to play with my friends but there is still some English words.

This mod is created with MCreator, MrCrayfish's Model Creator, Techne, Photoshop, Premiere Pro

You can use this mod on pretty much anywhere but be sure to point out me(RedstoneStick) as a creator of the mod

Note: This mod contains a lot of things that can be reason to copyright claim in youtube videos.

Modification files

- Added 14 new drinkable stuff

-Added Medical equipment

-Added Throw Knife and Wooden Bat