nether to the nether!

Published by fwegoman on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 16:06
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this mod makes the nether 100% liveable 

you can survive  in the nether with simply wooden tools 

(a little guide)

first chop a tree they are uncommon but give you crimsons wood of 3

next for food find nether soil and nether grass 

chop the grass to get bell pepper seeds 

then use a hoe on the soil to get nether farm land(it doesnt need any liquids)

once planted wait a short while will waiting go locate some gravel

some gravel will become solid gravel its like gravel without gravity

one solid gravel= one cobblestone

use this for furnaces and such

for fuel find charcoal ore in the nether and use it 

(this is just the basics but you can explore the nether much better as you can get studded armour and unique items from mimcs they can also summon the goblin army to get weird itesm like maces and sunglasses and a shard.You use the shard to make a pink shard thats used to fight the crimson warriror with cool crimsons armour and a super charged bow 


this update will  improve the nether in many ways



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