Published by Born2Golf on Sun, 11/24/2019 - 22:31
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The gravelands. A land of the dead, lost, and forbidden.

This mod adds a new dimension called the Gravelands. A dark, dead, and gloomy land that features 6 biomes, 3 temples, and 3 bosses. With more coming in the future!

Yes, the mod will come to 1.14.4 soon for people who don't like using 1.12.2 for whatever reason.


NOTICE: This mod is only in alpha and only about 45% of it is done. For a guide, news, and updates, please go to the linked forum thread. (Not in the connected area because Mcreator doesnt think my forum post exists)

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Version 0.1.0


- The mod now exists and contains these features.

The Gravelands Dimension

6 biomes:

- Destroyed Plains

- Soul Forest

- Corrupted Sands

- Gravelands Oasis

- Inferno

- Dry Icelands

3 Bosses:

Inferno King

Ice Lord

Sand Beast

1 new standard enemy:



Dead Lead (Has no use and does not generate0

im gonna download this, looks amazing like the god, shrek himself :)