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Published by damonator on Thu, 11/28/2019 - 18:33
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have you mined all the ore within ten kilometres of your base? behold the mining dimension! with the new "all ore" that drops all vanilla ore uppon breaking, its found only in this new dimension, you get to this dimension by making a neather portal out of iron blocks and lighing it with this:

portal igniter is made with two sticks and an iron ingot

(note: all ore only drops lapis, the rest of your ore is added directly to your invintory, you do need free slots for it, obviosly)

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Nice :)
Just a few things though: firstly, you can use the 'spawn gem' procedure block to make it actually drop the other ores rather than add it directly to the player's inventory.
Also, I'd recommend you get the Minecraft stone texture and put your ore over that, so it blends in better.