Published by woody on Sat, 11/30/2019 - 02:19
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V1.0 adds a obsidian stick and 2 new swords!

This mod is in a beta it only has 5  Swords that the recipes are rather complicated 


For the flame sword it is 4 netherack in the top right corner and a stick in the bottom left


For  the katana it is one stick in the bottom left and one steel ingot on each sides of it then on the top right is that last one so a total of 4 steel ingots


the obsidian sword it starts out with a stick in the bottom middle row and one obsidian above the stick and then a steel ingot above the obsidian then one obsidian to the right of the steel it is one obsidian and that is all of the recipes

If you want to make the red sword it takes one obsidian stick  two steel ingots and 2 redstone put one obsidian stick in the bottom middle  and two steal ingots above and top row two redstone on each side of the steel ingot



if you want to make the sharpened katana it is a katana and a piece of cobble stone and its shapeless


the maximum is 21 for the ore and minimum is 3

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