Cool Craft

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Hello and welcome to Cool Craft. This is my first mod. This mod is packed with cool features and interesting things. Lets dive in!


Amethyst ore can be mined, and can drop an amethyst. They can be used to make armor and tools which are better than diamond. It can also be made into an amethyst block which first of all, looks beautiful and second of all, can act as a beacon base.

The Corrupted

This haunting biome has trees made of concrete and has slime blocks for fruit, purple grass, a red sky, and yellow water. It is fairly common and is designed for even the most brave players to feel scared.


My personal favorite is the acid!! You can craft a bottle of acid that looks like a beaker. It looks harmless, but watch out! It can burn you for 25 seconds if touched, and that means that if you can't find water while you are burning, its game over.

Potion Of Ultra Poison

This really evil potion can really poison you! It is possibly the most vile potion in the game. (only if it is modded, though) This cruel potion combines blindness, hunger, nausea, wither, and poison in one!


Q and A:

Can I submit mod ideas for this mod?

Of course! Just write it in the comments below!


Why is this mod so small??

It is because I want the players to submit their ideas for the mod! People are so creative!


Why are most of these textures from the texture library?

I'm not that good at making textures yet, so I use templates.


This mod is kind of buggy.

Submit any bugs you want me to fix in the comments section.


How do I install this mod?

Well.. Here's how I would do it.

Step 1: Download the mod and copy it to your desktop

Step 2: Open Forge (It has to be version 28.1.106 exactly)

Step 3: Go to "Mods" and click Open Mods Folder

Step 4: Copy and paste Cool_Craft.jar or any version of Cool Craft that you have into your mods folder

Step 5: Restart Forge and check "Mods". It should be there.. Have fun!



Thank you for taking time for viewing my mod, I hope you like it and submit an idea. Have a wonderful day!

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Acid bottle now stacks up to 16 and takes one away from your inventory when you right click a block