The darkness below the world

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"The darkness below the world" is a Minecraft mod that gives you a new Dimension, Mobs, weapons, tools and more over time!


How to start

To start the mod, you will need to get: Coal block, Obsidian, black concrete, and blaze powder. But those into a crafting table (The recipe is shapeless), and that's how you get the portal frame, "pure darkness", you will need at least 11 to make the portal to the dimension known as "The darkness".the reason for why you will need 11 is because of the portal itself and the igniter. To make the igniter you will need 1 of the "Pure darkness" block and blaze powder (This recipe is shapeless too). and the result should be an item called "Burning darkness". Then you just need to make the portal frame and then right-click in the portal. And now you're done! Good luck with your adventures!



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