Weapon Expansion

Published by OhBoyDuck on Sat, 01/11/2020 - 20:38
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This Mod Add Some New Items To Craft
Such as:

Diamond Long Axe
Golden Long Axe
Iron Long Axe
Diamond Battleaxe
Golden Battleaxe
Iron Battleaxe
Spear Of Wood
Mini Spear Of Wood

I'm Back to McCreator even nobody cares,but i do.
so i doing another mod and will take a time to do it
and i will remake this mod
the "Weapon Expansion" 
and i doing the "Weapon Expansion Rewritten"
so yeah
this is more than 400 characters?

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Nice mod :)
I think you should include more detail about the new weapons in the description, like their damage, durability and attack speed