Continental War WW2

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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I present the new modification WW2 "Continental War" which adds a lot to the game:
1.New Blocks
-Gras Mle
-Mas Mle
-Thompson M1921
-Ving Stone
-Sniper 2K
-Scar 17
3.State flags
4.Bioms as countries.
5.Weapon components.
6.Ammunition magazines.
And more...


More in further development.

Have a nice continental war

Modification files
Continental War 1.12.2.jar - Continental War WW22.24 MB

Please don't have your hotbar in the pictures! I'm pretty sure MCreator doesn't allow it.

One question, pls help me with this because i've been trying for very long to get it, how do i add magazines for myy guns?