Published by Mix Heart on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 10:00
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This mod allows the player to craft vines as well as smelt the vines back into slime. This mod is Simply Da' Vine.

JEI is a good mod to have along with this, if one want's to view all the recipes. There are also recipes for future versions already inside.


1 Water Bucket, 4 sticks and 4 slime balls = 4 vines

1 Vine = 1 Slime

Other crafting materials used include, snow, saplings and Tree leafs.


I don't plan on developing this mod any further. This is simply a concept that brings vines to the table.

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Simply_Da' - MCBuild Simply Da' Vine57.19 KB
Simply_Da'_Vine.jar - The Concept release, free to use with credit is due terms. 34.94 KB

This is a concept Idea I have had. Feel free to use this in your own mod, and or mod pack. Just give credit where credit is due.