Chiseled Blocks (Beta)

Published by Jakub2002r on Tue, 01/28/2020 - 20:56
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Chiseled Blocks

This mod adds new blocks to the minecraft


This mod adds:

33 chiseled stone blocks

36 chiseled granite blocks

36 chiseled diorite blocks

36 chiseled andesite blocks

35 chiseled sandstone blocks

35 chiseled red sandstone blocks

48 chiseled concrete blocks in 16 colors


Chiseled Blocks for version 1.15.2 coming soon


The beta phase is here!

Project members
Release type
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Chiseled Blocks v1.14 Beta.jar - Chiseled Granites crafting in stonecutter1.37 MB

Chiseled Blocks v1.13 Beta

- Recipes of chiseled granites in stonecutter have been added


Chiseled Blocks v1.13.1 Beta

- Added 6 new blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.13 Beta

- Recipes of chiseled stones in stonecutter have been added

- Updated to Forge 28.2.3


Chiseled Blocks v1.12 Alpha

- Added 16 new blocks

- Updated to Forge 28.1.117


Chiseled Blocks v1.11 Alpha

- Added 16 new blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.10 Alpha

- Added 16 new blocks

- Added new creative tab under the name: Chiseled Concretes


Chiseled Blocks v1.9 Alpha

- Added 12 new blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.8 Alpha

- Added 18 new blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.7 Alpha

- Added 6 new blocks

- Added 5 new creative tabs

- Creative Tab name changed from Chiseled Blocks to Chiseled Andesites


Chiseled Blocks v1.6 Alpha

- Added 28 chiseled red sandstone blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.5 Alpha

- Added 28 chiseled sandstone blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.4 Alpha

- Added 29 new chiseled andesite blocks

- Added 1 new chiseled stone block

- Added 1 new chiseled granite block

- Added 1 new chiseled diorite block


Chiseled Blocks v1.3 Alpha

- Added 28 new chiseled diorite blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.2 Alpha

- Added 5 new chiseled stone blocks

- Added 5 new chiseled granite blocks


Chiseled Blocks v1.1 Alpha

- Added 7 new chiseled stone blocks

- Added 23 new chiseled granite blocks


Chiseled Blocks (Stone) v1.0 Alpha

- Added 13 new blocks