Published by aditigro on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 12:19
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This mod adds a new dimension, accesible after defeating the wither, and focuses on giving the player several new styles of combat, such as spells and new weapons.

For more information about the mod please go to : "A Guide to Endlands Mod"

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Endlands1.0.0(1.12.2).jar - Download Endlands version MB

0.2.0 Beta (The Mushroom Update) :

  • Added a new biome, The Mushroom Forest and many new items,blocks and mobs to acompany it!

1.0.0 (Finally out of Beta!):

  • MANY bugfixes and changes!!!

Plans for the future:

  • 1 new biome with respective mobs and bosses
  • More mobs for existing biomes
  • Better caves

I don’t test the mod, but textures look nice! Can you also give more informations about your spells please?

All spells come in 3 levels. Here's what they do:

Ring of Flames - Spawns fire around the player - levels affect the radius of the flames
Sharpshot - Shoots arrows without consuming any from the inventory - levels affect the damge, range and knockback
Shining - Lights up the way - levels affect the intensity of the light

Battlecry - Gives the player several effects - levels affect the effect levels
Cloaking - Gives invisibilty - levels affect duration, at max level the player can always stay invisible

Propulsio - Shoots the player upwards with an explosion(also gives resistance to negate the damage) - levels affect the power
Disruptio - Explodes around the player
Protectio - Spawns a forcefield around the player

I also plan on adding some magic blocks, such as something that prevents mobs from spawning in a certain radius.