Unlucky Richard

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This is just a mod that lets you spawn a guy who is forced to live his 15 second life (or more if you enable life support) as a living stick of TNT. Every time he jumps or drops or anything that relates to him going down, he explodes. He didn't really fit in with a different mod that I'm planning on making, but I liked him so much though that I decided that I wanted him in this one. Anyway, have fun with him, and know that he will destroy anything that he touches so long as it isn't totally flat.

Project members
Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
UnluckyRichardMod-v101-Beta_0.jar - The unluckiest mod in the west. Minecraft V.1.14.4523.44 KB
UnluckyRichardMod-V101-Beta-Project.zip - Here's the source for you in case you want to make a modified version for yourself.917.78 KB


  • Introduced Moms Credit Card Plant. (used with VR Headset for making VR Controller)
  • Introduced Pizza Plant.
  • Introduced Egg Plant.
  • Implemented GUI options to enable or disable Life Support on Unlucky Richard once he or the VR Controller was right clicked
  • Introduced VR Controller.
  • Project is in BETA.


  • Introduced the main character of the mod (Unlucky Richard).
  • Introduced VR headset
  • Project is in BETA.

Just fixed it! Now if you right click him there will be an gui that enables you to enable and disable Life Support for everyone of them. I am currently having an issue with only controlling one Richard, but I will be fixing that as soon as I can hopefully.