Pinkite Mod !

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Pinkite Mod !

Hello modders

First off we are gonna introduce the purpose of the pinkite mod !

If you think Pinkite mod might look a little girly by looking at the name, you'r absolutly wrong ! this is by far a much harder mod.

The first thing you will do is looking for the ore I created that right ?

There is only 2 ores made by this mod, the pinkite ore,  some says it's very clean...And the tonite ore ! Sadly for him he is very dirty

that why the mod encourage to take a bath after manipulating this ore.

The pinkite ore is very rare ! much rarer than diamond too.

You can find it everywhere, you can smelt it to make a brute pinkite then smell it again to get polished pinkite But be careful with the lighting that might fall on you .

Pinkite ore image

The tonite ore is very common and is used as decoration not for combat stuff. And you can get achievement by finding some and crafting special block with it.

I made this mod to give a small taste of the pink colour and if you don't like it feel free to tell you'r opinion. By doing so, be honest.

This Mod is Very Cheated even if you need to farm them for hours so, I advise you not installing this mod if you don't have op mods like Orespawn...

This is my first mod...and I might had new content to it soon thanks again !

Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Pinkitemod.jar - Pinkitemod93.3 KB

Ugh the image don't work also the image was too big...The only good thing is that I am satisfied of the text, even if some go where it wasn't supposed to be...

I suggest ou to add some screenshots of your mods to allow players to see what your mod looks like. Also, I suggest you to don't make only ore mods only to add new ores. THink to an idea, developp it and only after if you need ore9s), add it(them).

By the way i think i choose the wrong file and there isn't tonit...and the link for screenshot don't work and if I did a small mod like this is when you switch to another workspace IT JUST DELETE EVERYTHING !!!! ( I had a mod whith dimensions now it's ALL GONE) but thanks for suggest