The Doge Sword

Published by DogeKeen on Sat, 02/08/2020 - 22:01
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This is a mod that just adds a Doge sword and a Dogecoin item. That's it. More Doge swords will be added soon, but for now, have fun destroying mobs.

This is in alpha version 0.0.1, if there are any glitches feel free to tell me about it. If there are any missing textures, I know about it and will update the texture soon, but for now, it's just a pink and black item.

Feel free to use this for a YouTube video! Just have at least the mod link in the description. Everything else like me, the developer, I don't care about because everybody that helped me with this is in the "Details" section.

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The-Doge-Sword-0.0.1-Alpha-MC1.12.jar - The Doge Sword 0.0.1 Alpha Download475.83 KB

- 0.0.1 - Alpha -

  • Made the mod. Not that much to explain.