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Starters:Prot_One_BowSpraxTheMod. (Thanks To These People For The Help On Starting Up This Mod) This Mod Is A Huge Improvement To All Of My Mods, It Adds Tech Blocks Like The Censor Block, This Block Shoots A Laser Strait Down That Kills Everything And When Right Clicked Turns Into The A Tractor Beam Witch Picks Any Mob Up And Sends Them To The Top Of The Block. The CoalBricks Block Is A Block That Is Similar To StoneBricks But It Also Has A Fence Along With a Wall. Energy Is A Important System In This Mod Adding A Drop From Any Mob From Any Mod Known As Energy, This Will Drop More From Enemy Mobs More Than Peaceful Mobs, This Energy Item Gives ES Witch Can Give You Potion Effects And Break Any Block (Even Bedrock) This Can Be Turned Into ES+ A Bigger Source Of Power, ES+ Can Not Currently Do Anything. 0.0.2 This Update Makes A Pro That Gives A Chance To Drop Worms From Dirt And Is Higher When Raining And Bait Can Be Made With It, There is Also A New Semi-Boss Mob Called The 'Conkasour' This Mob Randomly Spawns Around Your World, The Health Is 75 And The Damage Is 18, This Mob Drops A New Item Known As 'Raw Conk Meat' This Fills 8 Food But When Cooked Gives You 14 Food, 'Hook' Is A New Item That Dose A Small Amount Of Damage, If You Craft This With A String You Get A 'Hook On A String' This Dose Not Do Much But when Placed In The Crafting Table With A Worm Gives 'Bait' This Item Currently Has No Function, Block Drops: Blocks Now Have A Chance To Drop: XP Energy And Worms. Known Problems: The 'Battery' Currently Has No Use, The 'Bait' Has No Use [Current Mod Items:200] 0.0.3 I've added a new Block 'Mesh Cinder' This Can Be Colored To Any Vanilla Color Known Problems: The 'Battery' Currently Has No Use, The 'Bait' Has No Use [Current Mod Items:252] 0.0.4 'The Blueprint Update' I've Added A Easy Way To Make Some Items With 'Blueprints' You Need A 'Research Table' To Make The Blueprints, In Doing So, You Can Research Some Items. Added A Pink Rock That Randomly Generates Like:Stone, Diorite And Andesite. The Energy Bin Gets Rid Of Unwanted Energy. [Current Mod Items:283] 0.0.5 Mobs |'Twend' This Mob Is Agro And Spawns In 'The Outlands'|'The Betrayed' This Mob Is Zombie-Like And Spawns In 'The Outlands'| Blocks |'Fresh Gravitite' This Can Be Dyed Any 16 Colors And Polished|'Mesh Cinder' Is Now Polishable|'Fireburst' This Block Breaks As Soon As It Is Placed And Can Only Be Found In 'The Outlands' Or When Oil Is lit On Fire|'Cloudshroom' This Mushroom Can Be Found At 'The Outlands' And Drops Rare Items Very Slowly| Area |'The Outlands' This Area Is A End Based Place With 'Outland Oak' Trees And Can Be Entered By Crafting A 'Outlanders Map' In A Portal Made Out Of 'Fresh Gravitite'| [Current Mod Items:422]Finishing Time:1:28 AM 2/24/2020 The Mod Is 26MB So It Can Not Be Uploaded To MCreator I Will Try To Fix This Without Losing Too Many Things But While Im Fixing It Try Bosses Beyond, This Mod Is Also One I Was Working On, Its Taking A Long Time, I Deleted A Whole Dimension.

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Bosses Beyond.jar - This Is Bosses Beyond The Mod That Will Be Taking The Place Of Temporawn For Now Until I Fix The Memory Problem597.26 KB

Version 0.0.5

I Can Not Add More, The Mod Will Be Over 20MB Otherwise I would Be Halfway Done

cool mod . 8/10 , need to improve description , btw cool textures and upvoted