Devils X Hamsters

Published by CookieRamp on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 18:04
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This Is A Mod That Adds Hamsters With Unique Abilities Some That Harm You Some That Protect You, There Are Many Of Them Starting From The Basic Class To Enemy Class To Reinforced Class.

There Is A Deep Dark Wasteland Where All Hamsters Roam In The Darkness Without Knowing Whats Within, Carelessly, Knowlessly, Not Forgiving.

You Can't Truly Know Everything Without Exploring Yourself, The World Is You're Compass, Use It.

You Can Find These Helpless Creatures In The Overworld In Other Dimensions They Will Never Forgive You, Animal Abuse Is Wrong Don't Hurt Them They Will Find You And They Will Kill You.

To Go To The Infinite Wasteland You Will Die In Craft Bedding Where You're Slave Hamsters Will Make Their Nest Form It Somehow Into A Portal And Use A Bucket Of That Wasteless Garbage Place It Down And A Dimensional Portal Will Teleport You Into The Unknown.

The Devil Miniboss Has A Fight That Makes You Discover Your True Self You Go Though The Many Stages Of Grief Before Killing It And Claiming Your Prize.

This Mod Gone Though Drama That I Have Never Experienced Before, I Will Not Recently Do It Again Until I Do It Somehow.

i Hope This Mod Fulfils Your Expectations That Will Make You Happy Shortly.

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Submitted by CookieRamp on Sat, 02/15/2020 - 09:43

My Hamster Munchkin Died Today Press F To Pay Respects

I think you should stop writing every first letter of every word uppercase