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Published by MrCreeps on Wed, 02/26/2020 - 02:29
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MC Enhanced is a remake of MC Expansion / MC Utils. MC Enhanced stands for Minecraft Enhanced. This mod adds vanilla like items that should fit into Minecraft well and are in multiple other mods. What makes this mod different is soon there will be different versions that continue to add more stuff to one category such as weapons or food. MC Enhanced is still in development and not all changes are final.


Please report all bugs/issues on connected forum topic.

All textures were either created on NovaSkin Resource Pack Creator or downloaded from the NovaSkin gallery.

Project members
Lead developer
Gameplay designer
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Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
mcenhanced-1.14.4-v.0.1-indev_0.jar - Previous Version33.02 KB
mcenhanced-1.14.4-v.0.2.0-indev.jar - Current Version103.37 KB
mcenhanced-1.14.4-v.0.2.1-sn1-indev.jar - Latest Snapshot115.39 KB


 0.1 (Emerald Update #1)

  • Added Emerald Sword and Emerald Battle Axe
  • Added 3 new advancements
  • Added Chocolate Emerald

0.2 Snapshot 1 (Emerald Update #2)

  • Added Emerald Bow and Emerald Arrow
  • Added Emerald Coal
  • Added 2 new advancements

0.2 Snapshot 2 (Emerald Update #2)

  • Added Emerald Tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel)
  • New Recipe for Emerald Battle Axe
  • 2 New Advancements 

0.2.0 World of Emeralds (Emerald Update #2)

  • Emerald Hoe
  • Advancement for Hoe
  • Emerald Soup
  • Emerald Ingot
  • Emerald Ingot Block
  • FIXED RECIPES (Added recipes for bow and arrow, changed the recipes to require emerald ingots, added recipe for emerald axe, added secondary recipes to the tools, etc...)
  • Crafting recipes for items crafted with wood (smithing table, chest, crafting table, etc...) Note: Not planning on adding wooden tool recipes, beds, or other wooden items, only items that have 1 variety (chest, crafting table, tripwire hook, shield, etc...)
  • Emerald Biome
  • Emerald Oak logs and planks

0.2.1 Snapshot 1 (Emerald Update #3)

  • Emerald Shrine
  • Able to craft Wood
  • Emerald Shards


My friend (who doesn't have an account) is testing my mod for bugs and glitches