Solesteams Very Basic minecraft modification

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Solemod adds a variety of items and NPCs to the game

It also has a few dimensions and biomes and an armor set crediting the amazing program used to make this mod... so far this description is sad, let me spice it up a bit with a flashy list

There are:
3 dimensions to discover (more to be added soon)
22 new blocks to build with
5 armor sets to defend yourself with

6 biomes to explore
2 fluids to drink or jump in (would not recommend it unless you want your insides to go to another dimension)

16 terrifying creatures you can fight...

12 creatures you can fight

4 that won't start trouble with you

and none of them are really terrifying....

New advancements to get (not spoiling how many there are because some are secret!)
28 different tools and weapons you can fight dig and farm with!
and more to be added in the future


I tend to tinker with this mod quite often so this description might be outdated very soon! but that also means lots of content updates (ranging from about 3 per day to 1 per every few weeks)

Modification files

so... this isn't the FIRST version released, just the first one put on this website...