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Published by FrozenIce on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 02:55
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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check out my first mod in a long time, Veraclase Tools. This is simply a mod to add a new material set and extend endgame playability by making a set of tools and armor that are slightly tougher than Diamond, and last longer as well (with the exception of the tools, might change). Enough boring explanation, let me show you what this mod is all about!


Veraclase Ore: An uncommon ore that is found in a vein of 1, and spawns between Y coordinate levels 29-41. It requires a Diamond Pickaxe to obtain, and also has a side effect of taking away most or all of your hunger upon breaking. Gives 5 XP upon smelting.

Veraclase Ingot: Smelting down 1 Veraclase Ore will give you a single ingot, which can be used for crafting.

Block of Veraclase: It's a block, made of Veraclase. Not really much to speak of, aside from having a small amount of level increase on enchanting tables.

Carbon Gem: A required item for a Veraclase Infused Diamond, make one by tossing a Diamond in your furnace. Gives no XP on smelted gem.

Veraclase Infused Diamond: A shiny gem made from a Carbon Gem and Veraclase. Required for Veraclase Armor.

Veraclase Apple: Made from a Golden Apple, a couple Iron Nuggets, and a couple of Veraclase Ingots. Provides Regeneration II, Resistance I, Speed II, Haste I, and Strength I for a limited duration. Useful for quick escapes or low health emergencies.

Veraclase Armor: A full set of this armor is (supposed to be) equivalent to Diamond in terms of raw damage resistance, has slightly better durability than Diamond, and has slightly better armor toughness than Diamond. Chestplate also requires 1 Emerald to craft.

Nautilis Stick: Made from a stick, 4 Nautilis Shells, and 4 Iron Nuggets. Required for Veraclase tools.

Veraclase Tools: The tools each have 500 durability, and are faster than Diamond tools in breaking blocks, and do 0.5 more attack damage than Diamond - at the cost of 0.1 attack speed - but (likely) not Gold.


That is all for the current items, but there is also some advancements (with more to come), plus a secret that you can find. Mod reviews will be featured if you wish, post the link for it in the comments, and let me know at any time if you would like it removed. Thanks a bunch!

Modification files
Veraclase Tools v0.1.1.jar - v0.1.1 Alpha87.19 KB

v0.1.2 - Coming soon (feedback needed to continue!)

v0.1.1 - Fixed game crashing when inserting Veraclase tools and armor into an anvil (hopefully), which made v0.1 entirely obsolete.

v0.1 - First release - Introduced the mod. There is also an easter egg, see if you can figure it out!