Forged Lands

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Forged Lands is a mod that adds in a brand new dimension. Currently, this had has 419 mod elements.


Forged Lands adds:

1 new dimension

1 new overworld ore

5 new ores in the new dimension

14 new types of bricks

3 new types of wood

9 new items

5 new armor sets

7 Biomes in the new dimension

5 new mobs

4 foods

6 toolsets

21 new plants

11 structures

1 music disk with custom music


Go ahead and enjoy!



To get to the dimension, build a portal of Kripstone blocks. Then use the Kripstone and flint.

Modification files
forgedlandsV1.0.0.jar - V 1.0.0 of the mod1.63 MB

V 1.0.0 -

This version is the release version.

If only I could make cool plants like you...
Very nice mod will try