More Ingots and gems Mod

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This mod has new iron and gems like blueiron and greeniron and yellowiron and orangeiron and rediron and blackiron and rubys and sapphire and more

obsidian tools better then diamond redstone tools better then diamond some iron better then iron and lots more tools so the gems are ruby sapphire moonstone pearl cyanpearl yellow pearl bluepearl  Amber  jade and more so the is 3 or 4 dust in the mod there is bluestone greenstone yellowstone there is colored iron or other ingots like rediron orangeiron yellowiron greeniron blueiron blackiron and steel. 

This mod is for everyone 


Project members
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

1.0.0 Start of the mod with 200 mod elements

1.0.1 added new dust like yellow dust and adding 215 mod elements now having 415 mod elements

1.0.2 added new gems and changed some recipes and more adding 225 mod elements now having 640 mod elments

1.0.3 added new gems and added 2 bows and a plane bugfix-1 some tools were in a wrong creative tab