Extra Ores

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Ever wanted something better than diamonds yeah there good in all but they generta right under are feet deep below the over world while the nether and end don't have there respective ores this mod aims to add more ores and gemstone of varying quality and quantity in difrent bioms and soe new dimensions and bioms more to come




opal ore and its respective tools not hoe or armour

gemstone cutter used to cut gemstones to be used

saphire tools and ore

Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version


added and posted


adds saphire tools a little better than diamonds


adds emerald tools like diamond

also adds titanium and titanium rods used for crafting better handles for future tools

also adds a new dimension after the end right now its like the overworld function coming next update


added full fucionality to dimension a peacful place with diffrent biom colors ment for an end game area