JAVUM (Just Another Vanilla Upgrade Mod)

Published by T_GMouse on Sun, 03/29/2020 - 07:51
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JAVUM seeks to add some new items to Minecraft, without changing the feel of the Vanilla experience. I know you'll probably say, "If you want to add some cool things to Minecraft without changing Vanilla too much just download Quark or Charm?" Well, you can. I wanted to make a mod that is even simpler than those mods but also adds other things that they don't.

If you would like to help me by testing the newest versions of the mod before they are officially released, PM me!

I'm not sure how much exactly I will be adding. I know there is still plenty I will be adding in the future!

CLICK HERE for the Official JAVUM Wiki Page!

Thanks to dreamCritting for most of the textures!

Modification files
JAVUM-1.14.4-v1.3.1.jar - Verison 1.3.1 RELEASE522.48 KB

v1.3.1 - massive update continued
   - adjusted all JAVUM ore spawn stats
   - added grass seeds
     - wheat seeds no longer spawn when breaking grass [only grass seeds]
   - added wolf meat
   - add polar bear meat
   - changed vanilla recipes
     * piston
     * repeater
     * comparator
     * dispenser
   - removed diameralds
   - changed recipe for diameraldium ingots
   - added red-gold alloy ingots
   - added metal blocks
   - changed dagger recipes
   - fixed some recipes
   - adding 6 new structures
      - 4 building structures
      - 2 special trees
   - added blast furnace recipe
   - removed all nether ore smelting recipes -- can now only be smelted in blast furnace
   - updated nether coal ore texture
   - fixed copper ore harvest level
   - added magnetized red gold alloy ingots
     (toss on ground during lightning storm for an 8% chance to magnetize)
   - changed book recipe
   - added necronium arrow
   - added necronium bow