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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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CraftFix.jar21.46 KB
CraftFix1-0-1_0.jar - Bug Fixes And Recipe Changes!21.15 KB
CraftFix1-0-2.jar - 10 New Recipes And 1 Recipe Change!24.37 KB


- NetherStar Recipe Update

- Elytra Recipe Update

- Chain Legging Fixed

- Logo Added


- NetherStar Recipe Update

- Sea Pickle Recipe

- Triden Recipe 

- String Recipe

- Web Recipe

- Totem Of Undying Recipe

- Mycelium Recipe 

- Ice Recipe

- Packed Ice Recipe

- Magma Block Recipe

- End Rod Recipe

Don't you think elytra and nether stars are kind of TOO MUCH EASY to craft, compared to their OP-ness??? I mean, crafting nether stars with just some Prismarine (buried treasures) and XP bottles (villagers). Or elytra (Phantoms, Iron, Leather, Feathers, only early game and not dangerous mobs)?

Nether Star is too easy crafts, XP bottles this is villagers, prismarine buried treasures. Elytra crafts still easy, about 1 real-life hour and u already has got Elytra. Too easy