Published by josra102 on Sun, 04/12/2020 - 04:02
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Different 9 worlds in the system of 8 planets of one star

To make portals you need to make a frame from the obsidian and the orb of the planet,

To get orbs you need to kill bosses

On every planet there is planet ore and mobs,

Tools can be made out of ore. Planet amulet made of powder from bosses

Every planet has a mob and a boss.

  • Earth - Zombie
  • Moon - Skeketon
  • Mars - Creeper
  • Venus - Spider
  • Mercury - Blaze
  • Jupiter - Ghast
  • Saturn - Endermen
  • Uran - Slime
  • Nentune - Snowman
  • Sun - Wither - No Boss
Modification files
Solar-System-Mod.jar - [Final-Version]1.37 MB

It seems to be a really good mod, but how can we go on other planet. I try to create a portal with all blocks but nothing happened.