Plenty of Mobs

Published by Trolmaso on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 21:35
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Don't Forget, if you enjoy the mod, upvote it! :D                   Over 40+ Mobs!      

Most of the mods that I have created were made to be played together. So give them all a try! :)

Also, here is a group of pictures for the mod, because MCreator only allows 6:…

A mod that adds many new mobs for each of these biomes: The Desert, the Savanna, The Taiga, The Swamp, The Jungle, and The Mountains, and The Ocean. 

Each biome has new unique items such as Crocodile Scales, or Bananas.

In the future, there will be more mobs to each of the biomes, with more biomes coming soon!

Features that are in pre-releases are not listed below


Meerkats, Camels, Ostriches, Termites, Bears, Boars, Crocodiles, Frogs and Tadpoles, Monkeys, Tigers, Mummies, Sneakers, Watchers, Chomps, Emerald Golems, Mountain Goats, Reindeer, Frosts, Giraffes, Scorpions, Moose, Tortoises, Snakes, Yetis, Oarfish, Crabs, Pirates, Lurkers, Cluckshrooms, Horned Sheep, Jolly Llamas, Jumbo Rabbits, Mooblooms, Muddy Pigs, Spotted Pigs, Dyed Cats, Wooly Cows, Amber Chickens, Bone Spiders, Skeleton Wolves, Glow Squids, Melon Golems, and Furnace Golems.


Decomposing Blocks, Banana Plants, Banana Crops, Sneaker TNT, Snowier Snow (High), Snowier Snow (Med),  Snowier Snow (Low), Snow Stone, Dead Oarfish, MCE Dirt, and MCE Grass Blocks.


Termites, Ostrich Feathers, Ostrich Eggs, Roasted Termites, Roasted Spider Eyes, Roasted Bugs, Wooden Buckets, Wooden Buckets With Water, Wooden Buckets with Camel Milk, Crocodile Scales, Crocodile Leather, Crocodile Armor, Berry Pies, Bananas, Half-Eaten Bananas, Banana Slices, Bananas Seeds, Sneaker Gunpowder, Goat Fur, Raw Venison, Cooked Venison, Fur Armor, Frozen Rotten Flesh, Scorpion Stingers, Scorpion Spears, Wooden Buckets of Moose Melk, Moose Melk Buckets, Dead Oarfish, Iron Fishing Poles, Strengthened String, Upgraded Fishing Rods, Raw Crab Legs, Cooked Crab Legs, 


Version 1.6: The Community Update!

Version 1.7: Plenty of Zombies!

Version 1.8: The Sea Update!


If anyone wants to make a suggestion or bug report, I have made a Form for you to fill out!



Chomps were inspired by Mojang's The Great Hunger (aka mob c). But since they did not get the most votes at Minecon 2017, they were scrapped and will never come to the game. So, I've added them in this mod to see what they would have been like. The texture, the model, and the mechanics were inspired by it.

Lurkers were inspired by Mojang's The Monster of the Ocean Depths (aka mob a). But since they did not get the most votes at Minecon 2017, they were scrapped and will never come to the game. So, I've added them in this mod to see what they would have been like. The texture, the model, and the mechanics were inspired by it.

All of the Minecraft Earth mobs were by Mojang in the game Minecraft Earth. These mobs are likely to never come to Minecraft Java, So, I've added them in this mod to see what they would have been like if they were. The textures, the models, and the mechanics were/are inspired by them. (As well as the items and blocks related to Minecraft Earth). Also, I got the models from a Blockbench Plugin by Ewan Howell. Also, the names of the mobs are the same. 

Not an official Minecraft productNot approved by or associated with Mojang.


Special Features:

Milking Camels, disenchanting items with Chomps, riding Ostriches, roasting Termites, Boat-breaking Lurkers, and many more!


Special Thanks to:

Klemen, Matej, and anyone else who helped make MCreator, because without them, this mod would have not existed.

Vision Quester for the procedure for Wooden Water Buckets. 

Some of the people on this forum:


Showcase of the Mod:

(Outdated) (For Version 1.1)


Project members
Lead developer
Model designer
Texture designer
Gameplay designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
PlentyofMobs-1.5.3--1.15.2.jar - Version 1.5.3: The Texture Update1.48 MB

Version 1.5.3: (Texture Update)

Watchers now have glowing eyes

Improved textures

008: Emerald Golems no longer have a texture that hurts people's brains


Version 1.5 (Full Release): (MCE Update)

Added Tropical Slimes (no function, can only be spawned with /summon)

Added Melon Golems

Added Furnace Golems

Other slight adjustments to the mod


Version 1.5 Pre-Release 4:

Added Dyed Cats

Added Wooly Cows

Added Amber Chickens

Added Bone Spiders

Added Bone Shards

Added Skeleton Wolves 

Added Glow Squids

007: Fixed Goat Texture


Version 1.5 Pre-Release 3:

Added Moobloom

Added Muddy Pigs

Added Spotted Pigs

Added Mud

Added Mud Bucket

Added Minecraft Earth Plains 

Added Minecraft Earth Forests

Added Minecraft Earth Mountains


Version 1.5 Pre-Release 2:

Added Jolly Llamas

Added Jumbo Rabbit

Renamed Goat Fur > Fur

006: Fixed/Improved Horned Sheep Texture


Version 1.5 Pre-Release 1:

Added Cluckshrooms

Added Horned Sheep

Added Horns

Added Minecraft Earth Creative Tab

Added Minecraft Earth Grass Block

Added Minecraft Earth Dirt

Lurkers and Oarfish now have better swimming AI

Updated mod version to Minecraft 1.15.2


Version 1.4.1: (Ocean Update)

Added Oarfish

Added Crabs

Added Crab Legs, (Both Raw and Cooked)

Added Iron Fishing Pole

Added Strengthened Strings

Added Upgraded Fishing Pole

Added Dead Oarfish

Added Pirate Ships

Added Pirates

Added Lurkers

Other slight improvements


Version: 1.3.0: (The One More Update)

Added Giraffes

Added Scorpions

Added Moose

Added Tortoises

Added Snakes

Added Yetis

Added Scorpion Stinger

Added Scorpion Spear 

Added Moose Melk, both with Wooden Buckets and Normal Buckets.

006: Fixed a loophole, so Watchers are no longer invincible


Version: 1.2.7: (The Mountains Update Part 2)

Added Frosts

Added Frozen Rotten Flesh, which can be smelted into rotten flesh

Leather is now craftable


Version: 1.2.0: (The Mountains Update)

Added Goats 

Added Reindeer 

Added Snowier Snow (High, Med, and Low)

Added Snow Stone

Added Goat Fur

Added Fur Armor

Added Raw and Cooked Venison

Sorted Inventory Tabs

005: Emerald Golems now spawn


Version: 1.1.0: (The Monstrous Update)

Added Mummies, Sneakers, Watchers, Chomps, and Emerald Golems.

Added Sneaker Gunpowder

Added Sneaker TNT

003: All mobs now animate.

004: All mobs that are supposed to attack now attack.


Version: 1.0.6: 

001: Monkeys and Tigers actually spawn now.

002: Monkeys have animations now.


Version: 1.0.0:

Yay first mod version! Woo!

cool mod. I've always wanted to make my own biome specific mob mod, but it seems there is no need for that XD

Good mod :D
The mobs already look cool, but if you add a few more shades to the textures they would look awesome!

I love the look of this mod! I only have one request: the frog texture looks a little too green so make it a little bit darker if you want.

That’s a meerkat. It’s kinda hard making a model for them because they stand up sometimes in real life. Because you can’t switch between models for a single mob in MCreator, (not yet at least) I went with the one that looks more natural.

How do you make your mobs with custom textures? I have been trying to do that, but have been unsuccessful.