CommunityCraft 2020-04-26

Published by pawelek on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 19:13
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The idea for this mod is Simple you suggest features for tihis mod in the comments, after a weak i check the comments and chose 4 suggestions that will be turnt into features of this mod. You can suggest anything!

Can i suggest

- a ore


- a mob?

why not



- Armor?


 -functionality for an item/block?

sure thing


1. It has to fit in the game (No guns no broken glass bottles .etc)

Why are you waiting write your idea into the comments?

Information About Credits tab

Everyone that suggested a feature for this mod that ended up being added to it has a special card in the new tab 

First 2 ideas of the week Have diamond cards  in the tab

After that you get golden cards in the tab

When you suggest a small change you get a iron card

First Ideas have been taken thank you  Lynelox322  and  MILLIMEDIA



Modification files

0.1 Aded Mitchril, Mitchrill Hammer, Scytche, Souls, Soul Table

0.2 New Dimension Forgotten Dimension, new biome forgotten plains, ruins of buildings generated in new biome added soul table funccionality added villager souls  Added Credit Tab with nicknames of people who suggested ideas

Add a very rare biome where we will find wandering souls that we can recover to improve the equipment in mitchrill.

You could use the souls to cast powerful spells or to imbue the weapons with special enchantments

You should probably redesign the portal. Instead of white clouds, you should make it a darkish portal