More Weapons Mod

Published by OrangeOH on Sun, 04/26/2020 - 15:25
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This mod adds in some new weapons to Minecraft!

Sorry 1.14.4 players but I am not making a version for that because in my mod Too Much Things 2 somebody requested for a 1.14.4 version because he is a 1.14.4 player and I accepted it. I made a 1.14.4 version and when I made the version 1.15.2 again... everything broke. I had to go through lots of items ONLY to fix them. I didn't need to do anything to change them, I only had to go through them. I knew MCreator would make me go through every single mod element so I gave up. That story is the reason why I will NOT be making a 1.14.4 version.

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